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German Harpsichords
Information and Specifications

Double models of German Harpsichords are available:

1.  A two manual Harpsichord based on the Christian Zell built in Hamburg in 1728. The original range is FF-d3, 58 notes but this is usually extended to FF-f3, 61 notes. There are three registers: 1 x 8', 1 x 4' on the lower manual; 1 x 8' on the upper manual with a shove coupler and a transposer block. A buff rail is provided for the principal 8' stop.

Two manual Harpsichord dimensions FF-f3 : inches (centimeters)
Length: 95" (241.2) x width: 40" (101.6) x depth: 10" (25.7) x height: 36.5" (90.17)

2.  A single manual Harpsichord based on the Christian Zell built in Hamburg in 1741. The original range is C-e3 (54 notes) but this range is usually extended to FF-f3 (61 notes). The instrument can be ordered with two registers: 2 x 8' or with three registers: 2 x 8', 1 x 4'. Both come with a buff rail on the principal 8' stop and a transposer block.

Single manual Harpsichord dimensions C-e3 :
Length: 80.5" (204.5) x width: 32.5" (83.2) x depth: 9" (22.8) x height: 35.5" (90.2)

Single manual Harpsichord dimensions FF-f3 :
Length: 86.5" (219.7) x width: 39" (99) x depth: 9" (22.8) x height: 35.5" (90.2)

Polished brass hand stops are provided to engage the buff rail and the registers. The transposer block beside the keyboard allows for both low pitch (a'=415 Hz) and modern pitch (a'=440 Hz).

The cases are poplar with spruce framing and white oak wrestplanks. The construction is very similar to that of the Italian instruments with thin case sides mounted onto a thicker bottom. Both of the German instruments have double curves in their bentsides. The soundboards are European spruce. The natural keys are covered with bone with the accidentals in ebony. The jacks are Swiss pear with holly tongues. Leather covers the upper and lower guides.

The cases are painted with one or two colours and decorated with narrow gold bands and moldings. A trestle stand with square tapered legs is provided and as an option an elaborate turned stand with an upper and lower rail is offered. Other painted, lacquered, or gilded decorations and chinoiseries are executed by Olga Tomlinson K.




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Zell model. - Tomlinson Harpsichords  Zell model with an oak stand 'in the white' - Tomlinson Harpsichords

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