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As of October 2014, three
Italian Harpsichords are under construction and are currently available. The case decorations will be decided as the instruments sell.

Information and Specifications

Currently three single manual Italian Harpsichord are available:

Starting at $27,000 plus any applicable taxes (not included in this price are any additional decorations to either the case or the stand).

They are based on a single manual Harpsichord 1726 instrument by Aelpidio Gregori.

The keyboard compass of the original was C-e3 (51 notes). I have modified this in several ways. Firstly, I increased the overall width and length of the instrument to accomodate more bass and treble strings. This gives me a chromatic range of BB-e3 (54 notes) using an Italian size keyboard (octave span of 6.25"). There is a transposer block for both low pitch and high pitches.

Being a false inner-outer instrument, there is only one case. The case frame is made of poplar with a walnut wrestplank and pine bottom boards and internal frames. The natural keyboard touchplates and arcades are made of boxwood and the accidentals are walnut with holly skunk-tails. All of the false inner structure is of cypress and the soundboard is in European spruce. The jacks are of European beech with holly tongues. Box guides are cut from European beech.

The cases and lids may be painted with a two-tone enamel paint and decorated in a variely of Italian motifs to suit the player's tastes. The stands are typically Italian with three turned legs supported on carved bases.

Italian Harpsichord dimensions: inches (centimeters) Length: 81.5" (200.7) x width: 31.5" (80) x depth: 7.5" (19.5) x height: 35" (89)     


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